Firefox Reporting Disqus Hosts as Missing from default-src

Published: April 13, 2020


I recently set up a Content Security Policy (CSP) on this website.

My site uses Disqus, so my Content-Security-Policy had their domains whitelisted something like this:



However, after deploying the Content-Security-Policy I noticed I was getting reports like this, specifically from Firefox:

    "csp-report": {
        "blocked-uri": "",
        "document-uri": "",
        "original-policy": "default-src 'self'; script-src 'self' ...",
        "violated-directive": "default-src"

As you can see, the blocked-uri is a .js file loaded from which is clearly whitelisted under the script-src directive. Why would Firefox complain about this?

After a bit of research I found this piece of information in an article titled “Implementing Content Security Policy” published on

If you rely on prefetching, you might encounter problems with default-src ‘none’. On AMO, we discovered that browser prefetching in Firefox will not be identified as a specific content type, therefore falling back to default-src. If default-src doesn’t cover the origin involved, the prefetched resource will be blocked. There’s a bug open with additional information on this issue.

I checked the document and lo and behold Disqus had appended a <link rel="prefetch"> for the asset in question.

Screenshot of HTML document showing Disqus prefetch link tag

In my case I decided to update default-src to additionally include these hosts. As I’ve already put my trust in them by whitelisting them under script-src I don’t see any additional danger to doing this (not to mention the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any other alternative, other than just ignoring the reports).

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