Java Serialized Object Detection

Published: September 12, 2017


I’m currently working on a tool that, among other things, attempts to detect if a string represents a serialized Java object.

I spent a while trying to find the best means for doing this and ultimately found the answer to my question in the slides for a talk titled “Deserialize My Shorts Or How I learned to Start Worrying and Hate Java Object Deserialization” by Christopher Frohoff.

Slide 7 is titled “Java Serialized Form” and gives some high level details on the format of Java serialized objects.

Then, on slides 11 - 13 we can see the answer to our question.

Serialized Java objects will always start with the following 5 values from

Constant Hex

In PHP, I’m doing a simple check that the hexdump starts with the expected sequence…

// Assumes we recieve a base64_encoded version of the object
function isSerializedJavaObject($value)
    $base64decoded = base64_decode($value);
    $hex = bin2hex($base64decoded);
    return strpos($hex, 'aced00057372') === 0;

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