Moving a process running under strace to a screen session

Published: November 10, 2018


Today I was in a scenario where I started running a process under strace with the hopes of capturing diagnostic information about an error. However, instead of hitting the error, the process began to run succesfully.

It would likely take at least an hour to complete, and I was nervous that I’d lose my SSH connection, causing the process to wind up failing. I was also nervous that if I stopped the process to restart in a screen session, it wouldn’t be safe to re-run as it would have partially imported some data at that point.

Here, I’ll walk through my findings about moving a process running under strace to a screen session.

The Standard Approach

The standard approach for moving a process to a screen session is as follows…

  1. Use Ctrl-Z to suspend the process
  2. Run bg to resume the process in the background
  3. Run disown to remove the process from the current shell’s job table
  4. Start a screen session
  5. Use reptyr to take over the process in the screen session.

I tried following these steps for the parent strace process and got the following error…

[-] Process 1653 (php) shares 1650's process group. Unable to attach.
(This most commonly means that 1650 has sub-processes).
Unable to attach to pid 1650: Invalid argument

The -T Flag

Googling the error brought me to the GitHub issue “Doesn’t work for processes which have spawned subprocesses” filed against the nelhage/reptyr repository. There I learned the the -T flag was added to handle exactly this scenario.

I decided to give it a try…

Upgrading reptyr

I quickly learned, however, that the version of reptyr installed on my system (CentOS 7) did not support the -T flag. I would need to clone the nelhage/reptyr repository and build from source.

NOTE: While I didn't personally test this, GitHub user Smattr provides instructions to build reptyr without sudo permissions here.

Permissions Issues

Once I had a version of reptyr installed that supported the -T flag I tried again. This time I ran into another issue.

Unable to attach to pid 1650: Operation not permitted

Not exactly sure the details on this, but strace didn’t seem to want to allow me to use reptyr.

Trying sudo

My next step was to try to reptyr with sudo. Immediately after running reptyr with sudo my terminal became unresponsive to any input.

However, when I closed the terminal and opened a new one I could see that both the parent strace process and it’s child were still running. reptyr-ing with sudo was successful!

What About Without sudo

I wanted to take this a step further and see if this was possible without sudo. For my use case what we can do is kill the parent strace process and then reptyr the child PHP process to the screen session. This answer describes how to kill strace without killing the child process. Putting it all together…

  1. Ctrl-Z to suspend the strace process
  2. kill -9 the strace PID
  3. Start a new screen session
  4. reptyr to take over the child process in the screen session

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