[Screencast] Testing GitHub Webhooks with Ngrok and PHP's built-in web server

Published: October 26, 2016


I built a SaaS app called Domain Clamp which monitors domain and SSL certificates and sends you notifications before anything expires. If you've ever been blamed (e.g. by a client) for letting a domain you don't own expire, check it out »

I recently heard about Ngrok on The Changelog podcast. It sounded cool at the time, although I wasn’t exactly sure what I would need it for.

Then, when the new GitHub projects feature was announced I started thinking about how we could start using that to manage statuses of individual tasks and have it update the ticketing system we use at work. While, unfortunately, Github projects doesn’t seem to support webhooks when moving cards between columns at this time, I still had some fun setting up Ngrok and directing Github webhooks to my local computer. In the end, I decided to record a screencast so you can get started playing with these fun tools too.


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