Using the .well-known/ folder on a GitHub Pages hosted Jekyll site

Published: December 14, 2018


Recently I registered this site for Brave Rewards.

There were two options for doing this:

  1. Upload a file to the .well-known/ directory on the website
  2. Create a DNS record

I decided to opt for the former.

Initially, I thought it was as simple commiting the file to the repo in the specified location. However, after pushing and letting the site build I got a 404 when attempting to access

Some quick Googling lead me to keybase/keybase-issues GitHub issue #366.

After scrolling thourgh the comments I saw the following suggestion:

With Jekyll on GitHub Pages just add a file keybase.txt in your root and add the following header:

layout: none
permalink: .well-known/foo.txt

I made the update and pushed again. I then reloaded the page and saw expected response. Mission accomplished :boom:

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